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20 Year Garage Tidied in 12 Hours

Updated: Nov 16, 2020


Good morning, good morning!

I recently assisted a client with a fantastic garage clean out. The garage had been a throw-and-go area for 20+ years. Before our sessions, she was able to park her car in the garage but not much else. She dreamed of a garage where she could see what she has and access all of her things. She has some physical ability limitations so we used a system of me showing her items and she would make the call on what to

do with them. I can do all your lifting and shuffling

of things if that is what you need.


She made thousands of decisions, donated two trucks full of quality things, and threw away a bunch. My focus in organizing is helping people to keep the things that truly serve them and send on the rest. Shuffling items into new storage configurations rarely gets us the results and peace we desire.

We finished the entire garage in two 6 hour sessions. That many decisions can be draining so we would schedule your session length based on what works best for you.

Each person is different, so we worked together to set up her items to suit her. As a lot of people do, she had many plastic tubs available to store her things. While you can go out and buy fancy, color coordinated storage solutions, I prefer we use what you already have whenever possible. Your money is valuable!

This client is a widow and while going through the cupboards, we found many memorable items. It is perfectly normal to pause for a moment to cherish them. Then you get to choose if you will keep the item or send them on. No judgement either way; your stuff, your choice. We merely want to make sure we keep your goal for the space in mind.

As part of my additional service options, I took her donations to a no-contact drop off location at the end of each session. That way, the donation boxes disappear from the home, never to nag her about that one more errand she has to do to call the cleaning complete.

She now goes and sits in her garage to marvel at all the comfort and tidiness. You too could be soothed in your space. Let's talk!

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