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Meet My Generous Donors!

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

In October, I will be walking the Susan G. Komen 3 day, a 60 mile walk to end breast cancer. Several wonderful, brillaint organizers and service providers donated to my fund raising. Click through to learn more about their ever-so-helpful services:

Sweetgrass Organizing - That's me, Jenny, and you're already here! I'm a pro organizer specializing in helping neurodivergent people find some peace in their space.

A Pleasant Solution - Amelia Pleasant Kennedy is a clutter coach, pro organizer, certified Fair Play Facilitator, home life expert and all around spectacular human. She works with people all over, guiding them toward the life and home they really want.

Junk Luggers - with franchises all over the metroplex, The Junk Luggers teams can help you clear out the junk ASAP, while making sure as many items as possible stay out of the land fill. They will sort your items, donating and recycling as much as they can.

Calm Your Shelves - Polly Weaver is an organizer who does it all, large or small, and shows up with a cheerful, caring, compassionate can-do additude.

Configuration Connection - Sara Genrich is an accomplished leader in our field. As a productivity consultant, speaker and trainer, she transforms people and businesses to reach their goals.

The Organizer Coach - Tammy O'Neil is a force for change. Her faith, education, and lived experience carries her to help people near and far remove clutter and chaos from their lives.

My Space Reclaimed - With a dozen certificates, degrees, and designations, Maristella Bertram brings her shining personality to every client, creating comprehensive solutions and making space for new possibilities.

Thank you to everyone who donated! If you'd like to be a part of the fight to end breast cancer too, click here

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