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LK - Allen, TX

Jenny of Sweetgrass Organizing taught me how to organize which was something I did not know how to do and, with ADHD, really struggle with. She helped me move past my clutter shame and explore some of the reasons why I struggle so much with keeping my space in order.

The best part is that she brought forth the little organizer in my daughter. She’s way better at this than I am (she wants a label maker for Christmas now). She loved working with Jenny. (“Mom, when is Jenny coming back over?”) Unexpected bonus, my CATS are happier!

Bottom line, if you’ve been putting off hiring a professional organizer and you live in DFW, hire Jenny. If you’ve been putting off something else that seems like too much money but addresses a problem that isn’t going away and is affecting the quality of your life, do it and consider it an investment in yourself and your family.


TG - Euless, TX

I've accumulated tools, nuts, bolts, screws, wood scraps, and all sorts of hardware and random things over the years, to the point my garage and two sheds were full and completely disorganized.

I had been wanting to go through it all and get rid of all the things I now know I'll never use or need, but doing that seemed like such a monumental chore that I didn't know where to start.

I hired Jenny, and it was a great decision. She helped me sift through everything, with gentle guidance and without judgment, letting me decide what to keep and what to trash, recycle, or donate. She came up with storage and organization solutions that wouldn’t have occurred to me.

Now my garage and sheds are tidy and organized, and it's such a satisfying feeling! It's all manageable now that I have a system to keep everything organized. She even continued researching storage solutions for me after the last session and texted me with more ideas.


Jenny was absolutely amazing! This was truly a worthwhile investment, not only for my home, but also for my sense of well-being.


CS - Flower Mound, TX

Finally asking for help to get our home organized is hands-down one of the absolute best decisions I’ve ever made. Jenny is beyond amazing!! With no judgment, she made us feel safe, worthy and valued. 


We have some unique challenges with a high-functioning autistic teenager and she instantly put him at ease and got his room in order and feeling so peaceful!! And then she did the same thing for me! My bedroom, bathroom, closet is a peaceful, functional sanctuary again. 


We are so grateful for Jenny’s kindness and sweet energy to help us get our home back in order!! We have a beautiful, peaceful home again!!


CS - McKinney, TX

For Christmas, my son and his wife gave me time with Jenny. We did video time and in person. Jenny has made my life so much better. Initially, I was in need of organizing my sewing/guest room. This was so successful that I added more time to organize my master walk-in closet and kitchen. Jenny was most professional and a delight to work with. You cannot go wrong with her.

sewing and fabric.jpg

LR - Garland, TX

I found out Monday that my dad will be here today instead of Friday. Last night when we were emptying the fridge and taking out the trash, I told my husband, "This is the first time ever in my life we haven't had to panic clean our house when people are coming over."

Thank you for that. ️


LW - Mesquite, TX

Jenny has helped me to organize several rooms in my home. Recently she undertook the task of cleaning out and organizing my garage which accumulated 40 years of junk and treasures. As much as I dreaded the task it turned out to be a pleasant and rewarding experience thanks to the help. I found her to be capable, understanding and hard working.


PC - Garland, TX

I have two teenage girls. Jenny walked them through the process of what stays and goes. They sorted out everything including old, outdated clothing and girly stuff they no longer used or wanted. Both girls are happy with their decisions and can easily find what they are looking for. They are able to maintain their rooms. My kids are much happier with less stuff.


Jenny also helped me organize my kitchen. I really had no idea I had that much storage in my kitchen & laundry room. She led me through the process too. I got rid of useless, outdated utensils, unmatched Tupperware, etc. Everything just make more sense and I can easily find everything and I know where to put it back. It has put the joy back into cooking.


ML - Commerce, TX

I am the most unorganized person there is. At the time Jenny helped me, I was couponing and had lots of supplies from the grocery store from shampoo and conditioner to cleaning supplies, along with mixed veggies.


Jenny helped me go grocery shopping to stock up on items I needed for my freezer and non-cold items.


She also says make sure you keep your freezer cleaned and use the old meat for dinners first. And that you can cook your hamburger meat and freeze this for meals, it saves time on cooking meals during the week!


She helped me organize my pantry in my kitchen.


I highly recommend her, she is fun and bubbly to be around and has lots of ideas for organizing your home.


KJ - Bedford, TX

It's like Mary Poppins came over.

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