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The Home Edit: The Book Is Better

When I watched the Netflix series The Home Edit, I was mad. I mean mad. What are these ladies trying to get people to do? Buy out The Container Store and keep everything? Oh and don’t get me started on all the consumerism all over the place.


Then I calmed down and thought there must be something more to the company because so many people love their aesthetic and message. So I read the audio book.

Me trying to quickly find books to complete the ROY G BIV aesthetic.

Y’all, the book is so much better.

First, they talk about the real star of organization – going through all of our stuff. I felt the show barely touched on the importance of sorting, decluttering: editing, if you will. The book gives it its due.

How they describe the edit:

1. Take everything out. We mean everything.

2. Create groupings. Like with like.

3. Pare down your belongs.

Second, they talk about why they make things all pretty. To begin with, one of the owners is an artist. Also, they feel making everything look nice encourages the people in the home to keep it looking that way and it makes it easier to do so. Color sorting is easy for young ones.

The only kind of clear containers I have. Isn't popcorn pretty? No, just me? Ok.

They encourage their readers to start small and built up. They recommend starting with a single drawer. That is excellent advice to the very busy and/or intimidated.

The second half of the book shares examples of organizing solutions within different areas of the home. I imagine the physical book has pictures of absolutely delightful spaces to go with their cheerful descriptions.

The audio book is 2 hours and 48 minutes long and is available free on the Libby app (this is a library app where you can check out audiobook and ebooks. It’s wonderful).

Final thoughts: While I don’t subscribe to buying all brand new containers for your tranquil home, I see how this approach can be beautiful and encouraging for continued organization. As for the overall feel of the book, Inspiration is the watch word. I think listening to this book while scrolling their Instagram will likely light up your brain with all the possibilities for your spaces.

And here's my cat, Jetta, living that monochromatic life. (Yup, I ran out of T.H.E. related things in my house.)

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