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Parents, give yourself the gift of help

Parenting can be a challenge. Single parenting can be like being a contestant on Wipeout. Parenting during a pandemic, working from home, and helping your young one with remote learning? I bow to your endurance.

Today’s client is a single parent of a kid under 10. It is a difficult thing to keep up with the changes in clothes, toys, and books as children get older. Maybe we pull out the outgrown items, fully intending to drop them off for donation, but they end up in a closet or a corner of the garage. This happens all the time. Then maybe we pile more piles on top of the piles and can’t remember what we’ve gone through and what we need to sort. And all this feels overwhelming because we think it will take days to go through, and who has days of free time to do that? So it sits in the back of our minds as one more thing we haven’t done. Looking at those piles is a daily reminder, a daily stressor.

Why not be like this person and hire someone to come help you? There is no shame in needing help sorting out our things. We hire people to repair our plumbing, service the air conditioner, cut our hair. Why shouldn’t we pay an expert in organization to bring calm to our homes, right? Right.

How long does it take, you ask? It depends on the person and their things. This particular client made all of these decisions in 5 hours, split into two sessions.

What about all the trash? I'll help you tote the trash to your trash bins.

What about all the donations? I'll take away any donations that will fit in my car, drop them at Goodwill, and provide the donation receipt to you. At the end of each of these specific sessions, I was able to fit all of the day's donations in my car. If you are too generous for one carload, you can hire me for an additional quick visit to pick up the remaining donations.

How will you feel when your home is organized just right for your family and clear of all those unneeded things? How excited will your young one be when they have open spaces for new creativity and play? Perhaps you'll be like this client and say, "I feel so good" and your child will be like this one and turn to you and say, "I'm so lucky to have you."

When you are ready and able to invest in your future calm, you can hire me or any of the talented pro organizers listed with the National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals (NAPO) at

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