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Your fee is what now?

My fee is half of what other professional organizers in Dallas charge because I want to get to the fancy certification level as quickly as possible.

“Jenny, you know good and well that’s not what I meant” you say to yourself. “That is so much money for rearranging a garage,” you think.

Maybe you look at my hourly rate and think something along the lines of, “aren’t you just cleaning? Why do you charge so much?”

Short answer: I have a special set of skills honed over 25 years, along with a membership with globally recognized professional organization. It is not merely cleaning; it is transformation. I can help you clear out the confusion and overwhelm in your space and show you how to maintain that peace.

How much do you pay for a haircut? A plumber? An electrician? Granted I can’t rewire your kitchen lights. I can help you make your kitchen functional and teach you how to keep it that way for the rest of your life.

Some folks are naturally able to figure out how to build cabinets and install sliding glass doors but most of us need to hire a professional. It is no different for assessing your belongings and building systems in your home and life to help it function better.

What is it worth to you to have a space that feels welcoming and calm?

What is it worth to get ready for your day and know you will know where everything is?

What is it worth to have a home ready for visitors at a moment’s notice?

When your home is full of things and difficult to clean it can actually make you and your family ill. What is breathing well worth to you?

What is it worth to have a kind, nonjudgmental person sit with your Mom while she decides what to keep of her 70 years of memories?

Investing in yourself, your home, your family can change your life.

Now, some judge-y people will come around and make all kinds of snide comments about how they just simply don’t understand how people could live such-and-such a way. THEY are able to keep their home just perfectly with NO PROBLEMS at all and can’t imagine paying good money to have some RANDOM person come do what anybody can do on their very own.

Well, good for them.

The rest of the world needs help to discover the best way to tackle long standing problems. I believe that if you knew how, and were physically able, you would have done it already. Disorganization is stressful and most everyone is looking for a little more peace.

Not everyone learns early how to keep laundry from taking over their lives or how to keep a home tidy while raising children and working full time, and, and, and. There is no shame in needing someone to teach us something we never learned. Keeping a home and time management aren’t skills given to us at birth. We’ve got to learn them!

Now, all that being said, maybe you don’t have all the money in the world to hire a pro to come sort out your home and life but you are so ready for a change. I suggest googling, searching Pinterest, and watching YouTube videos for tips and inspiration. There are so many smart, funny people out there sharing their knowledge. Start slow, start small, and be intentional. You can do this.

And if you are ready and able to invest in your future calm, you can hire me or any of the talented pro organizers listed with the National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals (NAPO) at

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